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How not to get more twitter followers

There are many comprehensive guides on how you can get more followers to your Twitter account. Following are a few examples.

But there are still some ways that you should avoid on all cost even if those methods are getting you loads of followers. A few days ago, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a link of site, with title get 500 followers a day. Out of curiosity, I went to the site and saw a simple login form, but before blindly signing in with my Twitter account, I thought I should look their terms and privacy policy. I found a link with title Rules located at I was stunned after looking their RULES, read yourself and you’ll be stunned yourself.

  1. You have to add all vip users and 20 regular users to join the train.
  2. We may use your account to promote our services, with the exception of VIP account.
  3. The fee for VIP is non-refundable.
  4. After payment, give us up to 6 hours to update your VIP status.

Yes you read it right. They may use your account to promote their accounts. First of all why on Earth they are storing users password when they are using the APIs? Secondly they are saving your passwords un-encrypted. I run a search on Internet about this website and found some horror stories. On, one person is saying,

How can I unsubscribe to There is not option for me to opt out.

Another guys is having a much big trouble.

I’m with you…I “unsubscribed” and changed my password on Twitter, and now I’m locked out of my Twitter account because I have too many attempts…I can only assume all the attempts are tweeterfollow trying to log in under my username and password!!! Ugh!

So beware, not only for this website but any other website that is asking for your other website login credentials. BTW, is another third class hijacking service.

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