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Free WordPress themes based on themes

Yes you read it right, that isn’t a typo error. The title reads “WordPress themes based on themes“. The best part of the WordPress is its Themes. You can port your WordPress blog to work as any kind of website just using Themes. Some designers have gone beyond the simple themes, they adopted the look and feel from famous web apps, browsers, even desktop applications and created the WordPress themes upon those designs. Here are a few of those themes.

Facebook Theme

First and foremost, everyone’s addiction Facebook’s Theme. The genius guy at have created this tremendous theme.
Facebook WordPress Theme

Google Chrome Theme

A lightweight theme based on the highly coveted Google Chrome browser.
Google Chrome WordPress Theme

Twitter Theme

This is one of the best adopted theme. It’s a very clean and simple theme, the major thing you will notice here is that the comment textarea comes before the comments itself like Twitter.
Twitter WordPress Theme

Digg Theme

This theme is based on the massive social media site Digg, designed by VCARS. There are a range of awesome features, along with step-by-step instructions on how to install all the plugins.
Digg WordPress Theme

Google Theme

It’s a Google Search Engine(GSE) packaged in a WordPress theme! At the first glance you won’t be able to recognize if you’re not watching the google search result page.
Google WordPress Theme

Windows Live Messenger Theme

WordPress Theme Based on Windows Live Messenger Chat window. Pretty awesome in my opinion.
Windows Live Messenger WordPress Theme

There are many other CNN and Magazine themes available but those are not free ones so those are not included in this post.

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