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40+ killer logos based on text

Usually logos have some graphics and text together but below we are presenting a showcase of some clever and creative logo designs that are based on text only, yet they reflect the concepts fully.

These logos are made by putting some rotation, color, angel, width, height or size of simple Numbers and Characters. As a designer, we always need inspiration just like breakfast, so I hope this list will bring some inspiration to my readers.

Showcase of Logos based on Text

Last but not the least

I spent more than 3 hours in searching for such logos, browsed 100s of pages, so please help us spread the link by ReTweeting and Digging the article. If you think that I have missed a logo, that should have been in the list, post the link in comments, I’ll be more than happy to add that in the list.

Following websites were great source of help in compiling above list.

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